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Scoop Coffee Ground 250G Organic

Product Description

Our Scoop Coffee is fair-trade and ethically sourced and roasted in Australia. Each origin, Peru, Ethiopia and Colombia, is roasted separately to develop its full, unique, individual favour potential. Only once this is done are the coffees then blended.

Scoop Wholefoods 100% organic coffee blend is smooth, with a velvety body and a rich, sweet orange character. When paired with milk it delivers a creamy, cocoa punch that lingers. Altogether, this blend creates a lovely balance of body, sweetness, mouth-feel and complexity. The coffees are roasted to precise spectrophotometer targets to ensure consistent and dependable flavour.

As soon as the coffees are roasted and blended they are packed into bio-degradable bags, that are flushed to reduce the oxidation of natural coffee oils. This keeps more sweetness and flavour in your coffee beans for longer. Enjoy!

Peru - Smooth, chocolatey, buttery, with a hazelnut finish Ethiopia - Bold berry-like fruitiness with vanilla notes Colombia - Caramel sweetness with notes of currants and dark chocolate

Ingredients: 100% Coffee Beans

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