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Scoop Wholefoods Opens International Flagship Store in Singapore

A collaboration between Singapore’s retail powerhouse Gill Capital and Sydney based, Scoop Wholefoods Australia, we now operate several stores to serve our beloved Singapore, with its Flagship Store in Great World spanning a little over 9,000 sq.ft. The store comprises bulk wholefoods, a Beauty & Bath chamber, an in-house Glass Box Bakery, and a Kombucha Bar. Scoop Wholefoods stocks over 2,000 products, of which around 80 percent are certified Australian organic and environmentally responsible.

Why Singapore is crying out for a store like this

As people around the world are becoming more aware of the role of diet in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, longevity and all-round quality of life, the demand for organic food continues to grow. More than a preference, it has become an unstoppable movement.

However, until now, organic food has been a luxury for most Singaporeans. Only those for whom money is no object could afford it. With the opening of Scoop Wholefoods, all that is about to change.

Why ‘Australian organic’ is arguably the best in the world

Australia’s vast land mass and biodiversity give rise to a thriving agribusiness sector, which is protected by some of the strictest quarantine and food safety laws in the world. Not surprisingly, its organic certification criteria are far more rigorous than most other countries. In the US, for example, hydroponically grown products can qualify as organic, whereas in Australia organic crops must be grown in soil.

For these reasons, compounded by Australia’s close proximity to Singapore, Scoop Wholefoods Singapore stocks almost solely Australian organic products.

Why farm-to-pantry wholefoods are the ‘weigh to go’

Scoop Wholefoods sources the vast majority of its grains, nuts, teas, chocolates, oils and natural products direct from Australian farmers and small-batch producers, then sells them loose in bulk bins. No money is wasted on packaging, and the products reach your pantry sooner, fresher.

Being unpackaged, you can buy as much or as little as anything you like – even a mere 2 grams. It cuts down on wastage and saves time in the kitchen, since you can pre-weigh the exact quantity you need in the store.

Why variety really is the (organic) spice of life

In addition to single-ingredient dried goods, Scoop Wholefoods sells a wide range of fascinating all-natural products that is sure to delight the dedicated foodies. Organic gluten-free pizza mixes, floral honey, sauces, cold-pressed oils, vinegars, spices, coffee, tea blends, house-mixed muesli, granola, chocolates and more are all sold in-store.

Highlights of the store include a DIY nut butter station and a beverage bar where you can help yourself to freshly fermented drinks on tap, from fruit and herb-infused kombucha to beetroot kvass.

Why you won't find a single single-use plastic in the store

Scoop Wholefoods enforces a strictly ‘no single-use plastics’ policy. Recycled paper bags are provided and customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable shopping bags and refillable glass containers. Alternatively, a range of sturdy and attractive hessian bags and glass jars are for sale, which customers can subsequently bring to refill on their next visit.

To help its customers enforce a single-use plastic-free policy at home, Scoop Wholefoods sells metal drinking straws at near-cost, as well as a range of bamboo and stainless steel food and beverage containers.

Why you can make a difference by making your own products

Scoop Wholefoods Singapore is the first Scoop Wholefoods store to feature an enclosed workshop space where customers can create their own customised household cleaning products and personal care products in refillable packaging.

The all-natural products are free of preservatives, artificial fragrances, colouring and other known allergens. They are also significantly cheaper than leading packaged brands, resulting in savings that benefit pocket, planet and people.

Why it’s personal

Sajni Gill is one half of the dynamic husband-and-wife team behind Gill Capital – a Singapore-based company with a stellar track record of bringing leading international brands to the region as well as creating amazing concepts such as Candylicious and the former iwannagohome.

A couple of years ago, Sajni was struck down with a serious health condition. Today, she is grateful for that wake-up call.

“It was a life-changing journey that was very challenging but ultimately rewarding, for had I not fallen ill I would never have discovered the power of ‘food as medicine’,” said Sajni. Crediting good nutrition as one of the key factors that contributed to her recovery, Sajni now passionately espouses the importance of eating well and, whenever possible, eating organic.

While holidaying in Sydney, Australia, Sajni serendipitously stumbled into the Scoop Wholefoods store at Bondi Beach. In her own words, Sajni went ‘crazy’ with happiness at finding a treasure trove of quality organic food at such reasonable prices.

“I immediately spent a few hundred dollars on hard-to-find products, which I knew would cost me thousands back home in Singapore,” recalled Sajni.

The Gills made contact with the owners, Bettina and Jeremy Kirk, and started a conversation. It soon became apparent that they had much in common.

Why you can do well by doing good

The story of Scoop Wholefoods began six years ago. Given the growing global movement towards organic food, wholefoods and clean eating, the Kirks felt it was a shame that organic and packaged wholefoods were priced beyond the reach of many people.

“Our business was founded on the belief that good food should be a right, not a luxury,” said Bettina. “We’d had 20 years of experience running the family’s import and export business in Europe, which included a supermarket. We knew that if we could buy direct from the growers and producers, we could save significantly on logistics, warehousing and packaging, and pass on these savings to our customers.”

And so the enterprising couple embarked on a mission to form direct relationships with as many Australian and New Zealand growers and producers as possible. They applied the simple formula of cutting out the middle man and shortening the supply chain, which incurs real savings not only in monetary terms but in terms of reduced carbon emissions and waste. Consequently, Scoop Wholefoods is able to sell its products at remarkably affordable prices while minimising the impact on the environment.

Though they worked on a hunch that was informed by solid business acumen and rigorous groundwork, Bettina and Jeremy were shocked by their own success. Scoop Wholefoods was an instant hit, and one outlet in Sydney soon turned into six.

“As Bettina and Jeremy have done with Scoop Wholefoods Australia, it is my hope that Scoop Wholefoods Singapore will show the world that you can do well by doing good,” said Sajni.

Why you never know what might ‘pop up’

An ardent supporter of entrepreneurship, Sajni Gill has reserved a corner of Scoop Wholefoods for popup stores. She plans to offer the space to local makers and social enterprises whose products use upcycled materials or benefit an environmental or humane cause. Expect unique one-of-a-kind homewares, ethical fashion, handmade toys, pet products and more.

From time to time, guest suppliers of products stocked by Scoop Wholefoods, trainers, wellness experts and nutritionists will conduct workshops and talks.


Our Missions

Wholesome foods, conscious consumerism & a waste free world

We only have one planet, so we have to protect it. Since the beginning, it has been Scoop Wholefood's mission to have a positive impact on our environment. From the products we sell to the packaging we sell it in, our aim is to minimise our impact at each step.

Premium quality produce at affordable prices

We began Scoop Wholefoods with the objective to make natural and organic wholefoods more affordable. We offer Australia's most unique range of products, sourcing from Australia's best growers and importing the world's best produce.

Safeguarding our planet for future generations

We are committed to going beyond the norms for sustainable businesses. Each product that we sell has been carefully selected for both its environmental and health benefits. Our packaging is either biodegradable or made from recyclable materials and can be reused time and time again to refill in-store.

Paving the way for environmentally responsible shopping

We are proud to support over 100 suppliers that are invested in responsible and ethical production. This includes minimal packaging where possible, sustainable ingredients and social enterprise efforts. In addition, the materials used to build our stores are either recycled or sourced from sustainable materials.

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