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Salmon In Extra Virgin Org Olive Oil Can

Product Description

Good Fish Alaskan Salmon is caught in the peak of the Alaskan season, when these fish are at their finest, the salmon is snap frozen and sent immediately to Spain, where they are preserved in the finest certified organic extra virgin olive oil by a team of highly-skilled, all-female processors using traditional Mediterranean methods. 

Rich in Omega-3, Salmon is an excellent fish for babies and their growing brains.


Atlantic Salmon, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 35%, Salt. Contains Finned Fish.


  • Straight from the can
  • Flaked into puree
  • Stirred into pasta
  • In fishcakes

Product Summary:

  • MSC certified (in train)

  • Wild caught

  • Caught in sustainable fisheries (FAO Area 67)

  • Caught by hook and line (no drift netting)

  • 100 percent Alaskan pink salmon

  • 100 percent dolphin safe

  • Hand processed

  • BPA free

  • Certified organic (olive oil)

  • Chemical free

  • Additive free

  • Fair trade (workers responsibly paid)

  • Nutrient rich

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