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Rose Geranium Essential Oil Blend 10ML

Product Description

Botanical Name: Pelargonium Roseum

Botany and Origins: Rose Geranium is a perennial plant with pointed, serrated leaves and pinkish/white flowers. It is native to Africa but is now widely grown around the world. This soothing and balancing essential oil blends well with Citrus notes, Jasmine, Lavender & Palmarosa.

Aromatic blending is a combination of creativity and science. Essential oils will evaporate at different rates because of their molecular compositions. Oils that evaporate the quickest, usually within 1 2 hours, are called top notes. Oils that evaporate within 2 4 hours are considered middle notes and oils that take the longest time to evaporate up to a few days are referred to as base notes. Each of our oils have the fragrance 'Note' listed on the bottle. We recommend the following formula in creating your personal blend: Top note: 2 3 drops; Middle note: 4 8 drops; Base note: 1 3 drops.

We can feel a little different each day, so follow your nose and intuition when blending for your personal preference.

Use: 2 3 drops in diffuser, full body bath, foot bath or diluted in 10ml carrier oil for massage. A few drops in cooking.

Plant Compounds:
These are beneficial natural plant compounds and they differ between each essential oil, giving each oil its distinct natural properties.

Australian Body essential oils are 100% pure & natural and are stringently tested for purity. Please consult a qualified practitioner for specific advice on the use of this 100% pure essential oil.

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