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Organic Pomegranate Juice 750ML

Product Description

Chef’s Choice Certified Organic 100% Pomegranate Juice is pure pomegranate juice freshly cold pressed from whole ripe pomegranates.

Our pomegranates are grown organically and harvested at peak ripeness for full flavour and nutrients.

Naturally rich in antioxidants that aids in longevity, this vibrant drink delivers a unique taste of sweet and tart with a whole lot of nutrition. Enjoy it as a chilled refresher drink.

Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 3
Serving size: 250ml

Average Quantity Per Serving
Energy: 627kJ
Protein: 1.8g
Fat, Total: 0g
-Saturated: 0g
Carbohydrate: 38.8g
-Sugars: 38.8g
Sodium: 28mg

Average Quantity Per 100ml:
Energy: 251kJ
Protein: LESS THAN 1g
Fat, Total: 0g
-Saturated: 0g
Carbohydrate: 15.5g
-Sugars: 15.5g
Sodium: 11mg

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